Privacy policy

Privacy policy for personal data register

Personal Data Act (523/99), Section 10

General Data Protection Regulation

1. Registrar

Wannado Oy (Y-tunnus 2418955-7)
Taivaskalliontie 4 B, 00600 HELSINKI

2. Person responsible for the register | Data Protection Officer

Anna Degerholm
Phone: +358 44 998 6696

3. Name of the register

Wannado customer register

4. Purpose of the register

The personal information is used for maintenance and management of the customer relationship, invoicing, debt collection, marketing and other direct customer contacting, and for statistic purposes. Wannado may hand the register data over to its partners and affiliates. Customers and users may forbid the use of their information by notifying the registrar, Wannado.

5. Information content of the register

• Name
• Address (street address, postal code, city, country)
• Email address
• Phone number
• Information provided by the customers themselves in connection with the customer relationship or marketing

6. Information sources of the register

Information in the register is provided by the registered persons (customers) themselves upon registration on Wannado website.

7. Transferring of the information

Personal information may be handed over in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.

8. Protection principles for the register

The information and documents of the registrar is protected with technical protection services commonly used within companies. A username and password are required for logging into the register. These are only provided for members of Wannado personnel whose position and tasks in the company requires access to the personal data (Wannado customer register).



Wannado Oy
Taivaskalliontie 4 B


Wannado Superassistants S.L
Avenida de los Boliches 15,
Local 4-8 (entresuelo),
29640 Fuengirola Spain


Billing address

PL 39594

Invoice address

Operator: OP-Pohjola-ryhmä (OKOYFIHH)
Invoice address: FI3757904320007656

Y-tunnus: 2418955-7